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Lake Front Property

The Southeast is home to many lake front properties and commercial water features. Whether your property has an existing lake or you are considering having one built, ongoing lake management is something you definitely keep in mind. Water features instantly boost curb appeal to your property, but only if your lake is well maintained. The

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Jacksonville Lake Managment

Lake Management

The Southeast is home to countless beautiful lakes, and with spring in full effect, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your water front property. Spring, however, is also the ideal time of year for invasive species and algae growth. At Innovative Fountain and Lake Services, we provide specialized lake management by

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fountain lighting

Fountain Lighting

Fountains are an effective symbol of beauty, grace, and power. However, with the help of some custom lighting, your fountain can become the focal point of any lake, pond or lagoon. Lighting your fountain can transform a dark and monotone scene into a glittering festival of beauty, color, and movement. When shopping for lights there are

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