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Jacksonville Lake Managment

Lake Management

The Southeast is home to countless beautiful lakes, and with spring in full effect, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your water front property. Spring, however, is also the ideal time of year for invasive species and algae growth. At Innovative Fountain and Lake Services, we provide specialized lake management by

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Maximizing your Lake and Fountain

Lakes, ponds, and fountains provide an accent to corporate properties and businesses. Lake and pond restoration, fountain maintenance, or repair can be an overwhelming hassle. We’ve been through it for over 20 years, and here’s our cheat sheet methods that are crucial to the health and longevity to your corporate aquatics. Implementing an algae and

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Lake Clarification

Lake Maintenance and Management

A body of water can be a beautiful thing. Whether it be a lake, pond, or fountain, keeping it clean and free of weeds and algae can be a huge hassle. A body of water filled with weeds and algae can be an eye sore, and can even be harmful to its ecosystem. Maintaining the

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