Property Management Support

Our lake management services specialize in assisting residential community management for homeowner associations. Our focus is on superior customer service and support with the knowledge and experience to appropriately manage water front properties of all sizes.

We designed our lake management services to be a hassle-free solution for busy property managers. We are able to provide a variety of maintenance and decorative services for both natural and man-made lakes.


Lake Management Services

Lake management by Innovative Fountain and Lakes covers everything from algae and weed control, invasive plant removal, water clarification systems, as well as all of the general lake maintenance necessary to keep your lake clean and healthy.

Our certified and reliable staff is able to give specialized attention to all the needs of your pond or lake year round. We are also available for one-time service calls in case of an emergency.


Lake Fountain Services

In addition to our management services we also provide a diverse array of lake fountain and repair capabilities. We have been installing, servicing, and repairing lake fountains for over 20 years so we understand the added value fountains can make.

Fountain services include the installation or repair of lake fountains, aeration systems, as well as pump and motor repair. Similarly to our lake management, all fountain services are highly customizable and tailored to work for you.

Contact our office today to schedule any of our services or to set up a free consultation!