Fountain Lighting

Fountains are an effective symbol of beauty, grace, and power. However, with the help of some custom lighting, your fountain can become the focal point of any lake, pond or lagoon. Lighting your fountain can transform a dark and monotone scene into a glittering festival of beauty, color, and movement.

When shopping for lights there are many types and styles available to choose from, so we have outlined easy steps to make your planning and selection much easier.

First, begin by planning how you want your scene to look. Do you want strong, bright lights to illuminate your lake and fountain, or do you prefer softer, defused lighting that will romanticize the scene? Often times it is helpful to draw a diagram of the area you wish to light and think about how lights would affect the area.

After you have made a diagram for your lights, determine the amount of power you might need to light your scene. If you need powerful and intense lighting over large areas, you will need to use a direct lighting setup that runs on 120 volts. If you need softer lighting over a smaller area, then 12-volt options are best. For 12-volt lights, you will need a transformer that reduces the grid’s 120-volt down to 12-volts. Many lighting kits include transformers.

Now that you have a general idea of what you are looking for, here are some aesthetic tips for lighting your pond and fountain like a professional.

The focal point is the area that will draw the views attention first. Many times the fountain will be the focal point of your scene, so consider the your fountain’s size, shape and location – as these factors will determine how powerful your lights will need to be to adequately illuminate it.

Also, think about the areas around your fountain. Clusters of lights submerged below the water’s surface underneath the landing spots of water streams can create the illusion of colored water. Keep in mind how deep you want to submerge your lights – the deeper they are placed the wider and weaker the beam will become. Also note that whenever you submerge lights, water clarity becomes an issue. The more opaque the water, the more difficult and distorted the color will become.

Next, select the type of light technology that best suits your scene and needs. Fountain lights come in two major technologies: Halogen and LED.

Halogen lights have been the standard for years and provide that now familiar warm light glow. They are beneficial in that they are relatively inexpensive, and can also be fitted with lenses to change color. Halogen lights provide powerful, bright lights, however they tend to run very hot and with bulb’s life lasting less than that of LEDs.

LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes, are glowing semiconductors that provide an intense white, cool light. The benefits of LED lights are in energy saving operation, low heat dispersion, and long life – over 10,000 hours of operation. Also, depending on the model you select, LEDs do not need lenses to change colors.

Now that you have an idea of where to start in purchasing lights for your fountain, let us know how we can help. Or expert staff has over 20 years of experience. Call us today to make an appointment or receive a free consultation about our fountain lighting services.