Preventing Pond Turnover

Keeping your lake or pond healthy is an important part of protecting your investment and the environment. It is especially important if your pond is home to aquatic organisms – often times fish are used to keep seaweed levels under control. However, issues such as lake stratification that can cause fish to die. Here are some quick and easy steps to keeping your pond healthy

Preventing Turnovers

The most efficient way to keep your pond healthy is by preventing Turnovers. A turnover is the rapid mixing of stratified water which causes the water temperature to suddenly change. This mixing also changes the water’s oxygen level and kills the fish.
Turnovers can be caused by sudden rainfall, a cool midday wind or any other disturbance which changes the water’s surface temperature.
Water Stratification is a process where surface water heats up and cooler water cools down. This causes a sediments buildup which kills fish and opaques the water.
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Oxygenating water:

Oxygenating water is essential in keeping aquatic life alive. However, oxygenation alone will not prevent other issues that can cause the death of fish. When water is oxygenated, it will not clean the water so the it fix is temporary.
Turnovers can be prevented in two ways. The first is based on pond design. A wider, shallower pond can decrease the amount of deeper less oxygenated water and prevent turnovers and stratification. A second more effective way of preventing turnovers and stratification is called circulation. This process can be done in two ways: mechanically by water defusing.
A water diffuser is one of the most efficient ways to aerate a body of water. It works by pumping compressed air to the bottom of a pond and then break it up into many small bubbles which as they rise expand mixing the water.

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