History has proven fountains that are properly maintained provide fewer problems than fountains that are not. The following information will provide you with examples.

1) Keeping the pump strainer cleaned insures proper flow of water across the motor helping it run cooler and preventing premature motor failure. It also prevents the screen from collapsing or crushing. When the screen is not maintained and it does collapse it will cost from $400-$1000 plus labor to replace it.

2) Keeping the lights clean and free of algae increases bulb and fixture life. Not keeping them cleaned, algae growth creates insulation around the light causing excessive heat buildup, which causes premature bulb and fixture failure.

3) Algae build up on the float surface causes fiberglass to break down and eventually fail and the float to sink. This would require replacing the float at a current cost of approximately $1200.

4) Keeping the mooring lines properly secured keeps the fountain in its proper location and prevents lines from tangling wit the pump and light cables. When they do tangle, the rope can cut or stress the cables causing failure of cables. Cables range from $6 to $12 per foot. The average fountain has 150 feet of cable. 

5) Testing all ground fault circuits insures the safety and security that no electrical voltage is leaking into the pond which could cause electrocution of people or pets coming in contact with the water.

6) Keeping the timers properly set insures the proper hours of operation of the fountain at all times. Tightening the wire insures no electrical damages to the controls and or fountains.

7) Meg readings keep you aware of the condition of the pump motor windings giving you advance notice that the motor is starting to break down making it possible to prepare in advance for replacement. This will decrease downtime and unforeseen large expenses.

Proper fountain maintenance helps keep replacement cost down and the fountain properly operating at all times, which insures your fountain investment. Call today to make an appointment to receive a free consultation.

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