Fountain Lighting

Extend the beauty of your fountain, lake or pond with the addition of white or colored lights.  A wide range of options are available that can provide anything from a subtle ambient lighting to programmable show style lighting.

Underwater lights are generally available as Halogen or LED.  LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are glowing semiconductors that provide an intense white lights or RGB that can be set to over 16 million different colors. LED lights are energy saving, emit little heat, and are long lasting.  Halogen have been the mainstay for years providing white lights that can be colored with the addition of lenses available in standard colors.  

Both lights require routine maintenance to insure optimal lighting, safety and continued operation. Placement of the lighting can have drastically different effects. Lighting can be used to attract attention to particular elements of a fountain or to generally light the entire fountain.

The combination of water clarity and proper lighting placement is essential to getting the most out of your lighting budget. Contact our offices today to learn about our full line of lighting options and schedule a free consultation to see how lighting can change the entire look of your fountain, lake or pond.

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