Algae and Weed Control

Managing the natural ecosystem within a body of water can present many challenges. Many ponds and lakes are susceptible to nuisance algae blooms and unwanted aquatic weed growth.

We are able to control algae, submerged plants, floating leaf plants, emerged plants, free floating plants, etc. While aquatic plants are an essential part of any ecosystem, without proper maintenance they can easily become invasive and turn a beautiful feature into an eyesore.

At your free consultation, we will discuss the plants that are undesirable and that will need to be managed or eliminated. We will also be looking at the beneficial plants that you will need to keep for the water quality, aesthetics, and will benefit the wildlife habitat. 

The appropriate herbicide and time of application is then determined and the treatment is made via boat, ATV, or motor powered backpack. Throughout the remainder of the season, the waters will be inspected and treated as required.

A written report will be submitted summarizing each inspection. If a problem arises between our inspections, your concern will be responded to immediately.

All of the products we use are registered with the EPA and all of our technicians are licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

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