Maximizing your Lake and Fountain

Lakes, ponds, and fountains provide an accent to corporate properties and businesses. Lake and pond restoration, fountain maintenance, or repair can be an overwhelming hassle. We’ve been through it for over 20 years, and here’s our cheat sheet methods that are crucial to the health and longevity to your corporate aquatics.

Implementing an algae and weed control program reduces water opacity and helps balance the body of water’s ecosystems to ensure healthy wildlife. Algae and weed control programs work by reducing the amount of quick growing plants that begin to outgrow other healthy plants such as algae, submerged plants, floating leafs and free floating plants. When the essential plants, fish and other organisms die due to lack of nourishment, the pond becomes an eyesore, changes colors, and begins to smell.

Water clarification is another great method for maintaining and controlling your lake and pond. Clarification can transform any dark, murky, sediment-rich body of water into a natural, clean pond or lake.

The process works by removing any excess organic and non-organic materials floating in the water through filtration. This process is effective on almost all bodies of water, ranging from lagoons to retention ponds, and is a great alternative to chemical clarification.

Placid lakes and ponds are a great way to enrich a space however, for a more dramatic and dynamic spectacle; fountains can provide all the pomp with class and elegance. The wonderful thing about fountains is that they not only provide a good show, but also circulate water.

The additional water circulation prevents the buildup of weeds and bugs that could cause plagues. Because fountains help aerate water, a serviced professional will need to measure the depth of your body of water to recommend the best type of fountain, either submerged or floating. Water fountain pumps also come in varying outputs, depending on the desired height of the water stream.

One of the most powerful and dramatic enhancements for any body of water is to drape it with vivid light. While the process may seem difficult and costly, modern technology such as LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes) has made lighting an affordable and effective solution. LEDs can produce over 16 million different colors including an intense white light. They are energy efficient, emit little heat, and are extremely durable and long lasting.

However, lights alone are not enough: the placement of your lights will greatly modify the look and the feel of your lighted area. Use lights as a way to highlight and draw attention to specific areas of your lake or pond, or to light the general area.

The path to a great an attractive, memorable lake or pond does not have to be difficult, with simple algae control, water clarification, and fountains and lights, your pond can be an example of excellence and responsibility which will speak volumes about you.

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