Lake Management

The Southeast is home to countless beautiful lakes, and with spring in full effect, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your water front property. Spring, however, is also the ideal time of year for invasive species and algae growth.

At Innovative Fountain and Lake Services, we provide specialized lake management by licensed technicians who are trained to work with the unique lake ecosystems for both residential and commercial properties.

Algae are an unwelcome guest in most lakes and ponds during this time of year. Unpleasant to look at and difficult to get rid of, algae control is an important part of lake maintenance. Although most algae species are harmless, some can rapidly destroy the health of your lake.

In Jacksonville alone there are about 45 marine and 15 freshwater algae species that cause animal moralities and even human illness each spring. Our team has over 20 years of experience with algae control and can safely eradicate your algae problem in a timely manner with no damage to your lake.

Aquatic weed growth can quickly become problematic due to its aggressive nature and difficulty to remove. Aquatic weeds and other invasive species begin to actively grow during the spring months when water temperatures begin to rise. This allows a limited period of time to begin applying aquatic herbicides before aquatic weed growth gets out of control.

If applied incorrectly aquatic herbicides are toxic to fish and can kill plants that are beneficial to your lake. Innovative Fountain and Lake Services understand the intricacies of proper weed control and are able to appropriately remove invasive species in your lake.

Murky lake water is common in areas like Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and North Florida because of sediment rich water that is filled with particles that float on the surface. If left untreated it can take several days or even months to clear.

Our team uses an organic, non-toxic lake clarification process that attaches to the floating particles and weights them down. Once particles settle at the bottom of your lake they become food for fish or healthy lake bacteria. Clarity is restored to your lake within the next day and continues to improve over the course of a week.

Innovative Fountain and lake services provide a free consultation for all of our services! Contact us today to make an appointment for your lake management needs.