Fountain Lighting

Well-placed lighting is an integral part of maximizing the look of a fountain. Fountain lighting options range across the spectrum in both categories regarding style, design, and color. The lighting selections we offer can deliver any look and feel you are trying to achieve in your outdoor or indoor space.

Halogen vs. LED

We have in our inventory both white and colored lights, available in Halogen or LED. All of our options can be used underwater and are installed by our fountain lighting professionals.

Our staff experts are available to offer lighting suggestions that are budget conscious and meet the criteria of your checklist.

Typically, we suggest Halogen lighting for those who wish to create a subtle ambient feel with white lights, Halogen lights can also be colored with additional lenses in almost every hue. Halogen has been the traditional light of choice for years because of its reliability and budget friendly price point.
However halogen lighting is not as energy efficient as LED (light Emitting Doides) lighting. LED are made from glowing semiconductors that can create an intense and vibrant white light or can be set to over 16 million different colors.
LED lights are energy saving, and long lasting. Compared to Halogen light bulbs 6,000 hours of useful life, LED lights have approximately 50,000 hours. 

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